Regular expression help

original string

required string

pattern is i want to replace all the characters after the /n
meaning keeping the first charachter after “/” which is “/n” and replace all.

any suggestions pls.

Try this :


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great but my first char after “/” may not necessary be “n”

Then try this :


It will select the slash and 1 character after it


Try this:

Str = “asa/nata”

ReqStr = Str.substring(0,Str.IndexOf("/")+"/".length+1)


this selects “asa/n”
how about if i want to remove everything after “asa/n” in “asa/nata”


Have you tried above my Expression ?

yes, but looking to remove using regular exp.

i don’t understand, you select asa/n and everything else is removed.
You want the other way around or ?

yes, want the rest to be removed.

  1. Use Match activity and store the result in a variable (create variable witch ctrl + K , lets say it name is ResultRegex)
  2. and then after it, use Assign activity and select 0 group value : StringValue = ResultRegex(0).toString

I cannot show you since i am having problem with my studio licence.

Regex2.xaml (5.0 KB)

If this is it then mark it down as a answer :slight_smile:

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