Registering/Activating Clicks Using A Static URL Parameter

Hello. I have a scenario case which I have a URL that is static. I’m required to press several clicks on a window and other popup window in order to reach the target that I want. My question is there a specific way to activate those clicks all together including the target element?

Example: I have this URL link:

When I go to it, I need to press on the button that says Create product template. After clicking on it, I need to click on the Select all colors checkbox, then I need to click on the Drop your design here button.

Is it possible to trigger all of them together using some sort of JS code inject since the URL stays the same? If so, how can this be done? Please provide some examples. Thanks.

Hi @private_matter ,

Can you please let know why you want to click all of them together? You can add click activities one by one which actually works very fast like in miliseconds only.


Yes my process works very well without any issues. The only thing I was hoping is to expedite the process even further make it blazingly fast. I’m only curious to know if that is possible to do. Or perhaps if we can generate a url parameter from activated elements.

Hi @private_matter ,

You can use parallel activity for this. But I believe it will not impact that much because here we talking about a few clicks only.