Register a robot with Orchestrator in Mac

How to register a robot with orchestrator in macbook pro? I am not able to connect it…please help me

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Till now, only window is supported for UI path, you can install VM with windows and then try to connect it.

However only activities in windows OS will work, you can’t automate Mac :no_good_man:


I am working in VirtualBox only.But I am not able to register a robot with orchestrator

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did you registered your VM as machine in orchestrator ?

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Hi @socrates,

In VM you are able to see UIRobot in your system

can you share the screenshots exactly what type of error your are getting

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Naveen Ch

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yes…I tried to connect it.but it disconnected

Can you check below points

1.Check machine key is correct or not in UI Robot
2.Giving Domain/username and password should be your system credentials.

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ok successfully connected…

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