RegExp in NewLineSeparator - DataTables. Is this possible?

I have a pdf with some data and I want to add them into a datatable but I need to break them into rows for every 00:00-00:00 time I get. I am extracting the text as a one whole thing so what I am hoping to do is using the NewLineSeparator and regularExpression to break it into rows.
Any help or ideas on how I can make this work is appreciated.

Hi @BatakisN

You should be able to use solution from this post:

In your case, I would split the string by the string of dashes :slight_smile:

As @loginerror said, you can split and loop. And for matching with regex, you can use “Is Match” Activity with regex “\d{2}:\d{2}-\d{2}:\d{2}”.