Help, please

@RPA3 Try this regex


@inp Best regex tool I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been looking :mag: for years). Thanks!

How catch it?
If Match(0).Groups(0).Value.ToString
I take error: Assign: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

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Do you know it?

Issue solved :
Result :

How to do it:


Ok, if it will be in one row:
fweif: 234 999,02 efpeofewfweif 392 424,00

I need take only 234 999,02?

  1. update the regex pattern to this :([0-9]+).(([0-9]+)).(([0-9]+)).
  2. take the first match ( it will give you 2 matches)

Good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks! But it not work
So many sum will be in txt
I need special after “fweif:”

it works :

It’s not work for my situation I need special after this word “fweif:”

Match 1 : 234 999,02
Match 2 : 392,424,00

which number you want ? ( match 1 / match 2 or both )

I don’t know. It will be 100 or 1000
But I know that before my need match will be word "wriw: "

I mean , do you want to catch all numbers in the input or the first ?

first only

Do you know it?