Regex working and not working

I test this code on regex test site.

(?<=his birthday:\s)\d{2,3}

And it works fine. i finde the number after the text.
But when i use it in my Matches it dose not work.
I read from pdf.

Any idéa any one?

What was the error you were facing
And may I have the input string if ossicle
Cheers @Anders_Dahl

It does not pic up the value from pdf.

I Read PDF Text —> Matches " The code i wrote" ----> For each

I can not give you the pdf. Sorry for that.

Check whether the input string variable from read pdf has any value in it
For validation use a writeline activity before to this matches activity and mention the variable from read PDF so that we can check whether it has value in output panel or not
Cheers @Anders_Dahl

I have check that we have info from the Read PDF Text

The text look like this in the Message box:
his birthday:
1955 year.

And if i do another search with this pattern

(?<=her birthday,\s)\d{2,3}

The text in the message box after the Read PDF Text is as follow
her birthday, 1960 year

This works fine

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Will it be in the same line like this

In the next line like this

Any how in the string Input property if matches activity mention as
And in the expression property mention as
“(?<=her birthday\W).*\d“

Cheers @Anders_Dahl

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Thank you @Palaniyappan !

Now it get the value when it is in a new line.

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