Regex & trim input before passing to queue

I am currently using an application which creates a transaction queue from input fields. The whole reason I am doing this is because it’s much faster and more convenient than creating a dispatcher process. Is it possible to trim and regex the input data? Preferably at input override level?


Hi @avasiliu ,

This might be slightly off topic, but if speed is what you are after, then why not use the Bulk Add Queue Items Activity?


It imports the Queue items in a single step after you are done converting it into a DataTable(it takes a DataTable as input).

From what I know so far, it will take a maximum of 15000 rows, so you might have to split it but other than that, you can improve its performance with that activity.

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Ashwin A.K

Hi @ashwin.ashok,

Thank you for your reply. I am currently using the web app as a medium for the end user to input form data. I don’t have many transactions per minute and usually data comes one form at a time. The way I do this when I need to RegEx emails for example, I create a dispatcher process that adds to queue. Since input can have only one value, I don’t see the purpose in adding bulk items to queue.



can you provide an input and output expected example please?


Hi @fernando_zuluaga,

The input is simply taken from the Text Box in the App which is stored in an app variable. That variable is either populating a queue:
Or starting a process:

I guess my question is whether we can Trim& / Or RegEx the input before passing it to either the Queue or the Process without employing the use of an external process.

Hi @avasiliu ,

If you Require to Perform Regex in App, I do not think that is Possible Yet.

However, Based on what kind of a Regex operation you would want, we may be able to provide an Alternative if possible.

Check the Below Documentation on the functions and Expressions available in Apps :


At the moment you can’t trim or regex any input data. you can write function or expression and see if possible to achieve what you are trying to pass into Queue.

Else I would suggest please get value as string and (trim and regex) into performer process.

UI Path Apps support only Native data type for queue. So if you need any complex object like “Date” or “data table” etc. create a json input as string and map into App with control output value and pass to queue.

If you need more clarification. we can have a call to check your query.

Thank you for the reply Arvind. This seems to make a lot of sense. While I am not a big fan of integrating a RegEx into the performer because this could fail a transaction due to bad input, you can definitely Trim it. Another way to ‘Trim’ in the WebApp that I have found is to use something like this:

I am glad this helped you and you are able to make progress.

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