Regex to write range

hello guys

  • I got expected output using regex i gave output variable as “outregx”
  • after that i used for each so now i want that each value which i got from regx want to put it into excel columns as below message box is there given me values
  • but for write i have to pass datatable
    so how can i do that ?

Instead of WRITE RANGE we can use WRITE CELL activity if we know the columnname
like this
in WRITE CELL activity mention the input as item.ToString and cell range as like this

where counter is a variable of type int32 with default value as 0 defined inthe variable panel

next to this WRITE CELL activity use a assign activity like this
counter = counter + 1

here i have used C as column name from excel, you can mention as per your excel sheet

Cheers @monikanimbalkar

thanks @Palaniyappan
as you said write cell i used but i want the output which im getting in below message box “outRegx(index).Groups(1)”
by using entire item variable im getting all values.

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Still the image shows we are using write range activity
Kindly use write cell activity and mention outRegx(index).Groups(1) as input string value and the remaining steps same as mentioned above

Cheers @monikanimbalkar

sorry i paste wrong image

this error has occurred

Build a Datatable of which column you want add and add data row inside for each loop
and pass output of BuildDataTable in write range


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