Regex to remove tag inside the tags

hey guy’s,
is it possible to remove tag inside the tags using regex, if yes, how will be regex pattern? i highlighted the tag that i want to remove . its inside the tag. also i have to remove only

between text of td tags

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello @check_account
Try this Expression
Store the value in InputVariable

System.text.RegularExpressions.regex.Replace(InputVariable,"</p><p  >"," ").Tostring

yeah this expression will be helpful but also i have other tags like


so this expression will also replace along with it…? is there any other expression?

Check this.
This is your expected output right?

yeah i want to remove

tag inside td tag…

Hi @check_account,

Regular expressions are useful in any scenario that benefits from full or partial pattern matches on strings. You can also use the replace function if the expression here is clear.

yourString = <table><tr>....

yourString = yourString.Replace("</p><p  >"," ").ToString


is it possible to get that tag using regex without replacing it?

Regex match all characters between two strings method can be used but I didn’t quite understand what you expect here.

We would recommend to setup a more defensive approach which is handling also variations e.g. spannings over line breaks:

for this lets at first extract the td content:

then remove the tags from the isolated splits e.g.

replacement with a space

i want to remove between tags inside td thats it…

ok first i will try this method :slight_smile: then i let you know the result …