Regex to recognize words regardless of whether these are uppercase or lowercase

Good afternoon friends;

One query please I am trying to find a pattern with regex to extract the word “Prestamos” from the following paragraph obtained by OCR:

“11:25 AM 4G ☒ grou ☐ ☐ 87 X ☐ Financiera iPagaste Efecti…! S/ 339.60 Martes 24 2022 Mayo Titular Del ABC … Destino Financiera Efecti… De Pago Prestamos 13854199 Origen Ahorro Soles 985 83992403 0 89 Número de operación 88554495 ☒ ☒”

In other cases, the paragraph contains the word “PRESTAMO” all the letters in uppercase and in other cases all the letters in lowercase


How about the following expression?



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Thank you very much @Yoichi

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