RegEx to pickup Required Information

Hi Guys,

I need some help to get few information from email body irrespective of no of communication in that email.

There will be a multiple communication but i want to pick below information from bottom of the email.

Sender of first email is system generated that is fixed and below format also fixed one. Can someone support me to get the below info pls.

I need Dealer Code / Dealer Name / Country / Email / Qty from this email.

Note: This email chain will have multiple conversation in the top

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Fetch the body from the email using email activities.
I hope you know this…

I will help you with fetching the data from the body\string.

Use Matches Activity,
-Pass this Pattern in Properties->Pattern yourString.Split({"Dealer Code:"},System.StringSplitOptions.None)(1).Trim.Split(System.Environment.Newline(0))(0).Trim
-This will fetch the dealer code.
-Use the same for the other data extraction.

Let me know if you are stuck

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Thanks Chandan, Will try and let you know


Hi @Lawrance_A,

Refer this post, it will be helpful for you query

Arivu :slight_smile:

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