Regex to match given input string in any format

hey guy’s
I need a regex pattern which match strings in any format that is user given input should match the regex such as like in screenshot.
user given input : Clifton Springs Health Center
regex should match even there is space between words given by user.
please let me know the solutions.

regex recognizes a pattern within a text.

Please indicate the full text from which you need to take the user given input so that we can help you with the regex

What is the output you need? you just need to check whether [workflow_diff]
user given input : Clifton Springs Health Center exists or not?

actually the user input will be in excel.I am using that excel input and use ismatch whether the excel input is exact match in the pdf page.In pdf page it will be in any format like i already mentioned about it (space between words, without space) so i attached screenshot of word that will be in pdf page


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yes dude ,i will check if it matches the string in pdf file…

thanks dude, its working…!!!

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