Regex to get text between 2 commas in string


I have the below regex which extracts the dates from the sample strings.

How can i extract the dates and the values in between the commas afterwards?

So from the first line i want => 10/02/1982,213

And the same for the rest of the lines


yson Cfsdler,73,19,Hus ets,10/02/2082,213,235
Anfslliver,72,0, zl ies,06/01/1985,203,240,285455,
Coursdfe,72,1, ricks,10/03/1985,196,200,12759670
Pfsdcker,79,17,Ho f,05/05/1485,196,225,8349039
Cdds ul,85,3,Oklah der,05/06/1989,185,175,38506482
Pa p,82,4,Dens,02/10/1785,201,250,30350000
red Dy,72,10,Ls As Lars,07/10/2185,198,225,2564753


You can try as below

Hope this will help you


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Hi @fflattery ,

Please try this expression in matches activity: (\d{2}/\d{2}/\d{4},\d{3})


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