Regex to get number patterns according to conditions

Good morning friends;

One query please, I am making a regex to capture the transaction number of the vouchers, but something is wrong in my regex:

(?<=OP-[\d+])|(?<=NO.OP [\d+])|(?<=Número de operación [\d+])

I am using the words before the operation number;

Número de operación

The data captured is 6 vouchers, only in the third voucher the operation number appears before the keyword

I have highlighted in yellow the operation numbers

Regex and data:

How about this:

(?<=OP-)[\d]+|(?<=NO\.OPE: )[\d]+|(?<=Número de operación )[\d]+|[\d]+(?= NO\.OPE :)


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Thank you @J0ska :slight_smile:

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