Regex to get name in a paragraph

Hi everyone,

I’m using the matches activity to get the names in a paragraph. Given the sample paragraph below. How can I extract the name after the word “My name is”

“Good day, my name is Joshua Salazar and would like to inquire on the status of my order. My order number is 11-23-45. I placed my order last 04/07/2020 and would like to know what is the lead time for my order.”

hi @Joshua_Salazar

is this my name is always fixed??

If “my name is” is always fixed, this regex will work if the name is only the first and last name.

(?<=(my name is ))([^\s]+\s+){2}


@Joshua_Salazar Can you try using the expression in the Link below considering that after the name there is an “and” present always.

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