Regex to filter on first occurrence of 3 or 4 digits in a sting


I have few stings as below:

Request: ABCD5 SME Recom w/ Transfer 2269 Request: folder main Admin - Folders, Case & Records (DOC-0399) Information / 08/25/2022 / 13:47:07 3 3

Related request (carni, invoice, To/Do) 2875 We Invoice Orders All Roles Information / 03/03/2020 / 09:32:56

Copy of Invoice Records 15806 All Roles 561 561

From the stings above I only need the first part of the string for all records. I want to filter and get only the first part of the sting on the first occurrence of a number which has a length of 4 or more.

I want the result to be like this from first string.
Request: ABCD5 SME Recom w/ Transfer

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(strInput, “\d{3,}”).Value
We assume that each line is a separate variable

when text is full block we can do

and referring to group 1

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Hi @Sairam_RPA ,
For your current problem I am attaching a workflow for your reference which will help you to get your solution.
Sequence1.xaml (7.2 KB)

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

Hi Shubam,

I want the first part of the string.

“Request: ABCD5 SME Recom w/ Transfer” this value as output from first string input.

What you sent gives me the number.

ok bold did mislead us



@ppr and @Shubham_Dutta appreciate your help

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