Regex to extract row from a table


I want to extract the “ABC” and then “SB” and again same for the second row using regex. I have no idea how to extract it from table which contains multiple values. Please help me with this.
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First, you have to convert it into Text format and then we can apply Regex based on the Input.

Hi @hasib08 thanks for the suggestion.

if i convert it on to text like below:

Level Institution Name University / Board Name
10th ABC SB

How to apply condition on this to get the first row ?

Can you share it in Notepad

SampleReg.txt (126 Bytes)

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Refer this regex

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You got solution @MLT

Hi u can try this regex


Where u can get both ABC and SB in a single string. Then u can use string Operation like split to split the both values

Hope it helps you


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Hello MTL,
In this video, I have 17 use-cases for extracting tables from PDF and write data in Excel:

Your PDF is here:
55:50 File 11 simple PDF with protection empty Cells


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