Regex skip one row

How can i skip one row with regex and grab a value

Like this:

The sun is red and the ocean is blue.
I want to search on “Birthday” and grab 1966 to my excel.
Is it some one of lookahead or lookbehind?

Hi @Anders_Dahl
Based on regex you can grab the value as Birthday

Ashwin S

Yes. But i want to use this one

(?<=Birthday) + some code

Then grad the value 1966.

Cheers @AshwinS2


How about the following?



I dont get to match this. I try this code on regex site.

I stop on the row after Birthday. I need it go one more row down.

Cheers @Yoichi


Which site do you use?
Some online regex test site are not compatible with .net regex.
Can you try the following site which uses .net regex.


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Big thanks my friend!

It was the site that did it :smiley:

Cheers @Yoichi

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