Regex Required to capture 2 tables

This is one of those situations where you should look at your overall process. One of the issues I see in RPA is people simply automate bad processes instead of improving the process.

Where is that file coming from? The format is awful. You should work on that part of your overall process and get a better file.

@postwick its a pdf file

@prasath17 can this be done?

Again, your data is not good…so this is the best I can get…

@prasath17 can u share this process?

I know the data is aweful. The regex output seems good. LEt me work on it and then i will let u know.
Thanks @prasath17 for the help u r providing

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It is a simple two step process.

Matches → Input is your string, Pattern is what I provided and Output is IEnRegex
For Each → Type Argument => System.text.regularexpressions.match
Write Line → Item.groups(1).tostring

I got this. Its giving me only one word


@rameezimtiaz - This is the Regex pattern…


Yes Sorry My mistake. I made a mistake and added a split function as well

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