Regex problem1

Hello Friends,could you tell me the regex pattern for this
Vorgangsname: VW+ Hängebahn (Fördertechnik) *
Werk: Mlada Boleslav *
ngebotsabgabetermin (YYYY-MM-DD): 2019-07-26 10:00 GMT +0200 *
hlicher Ansprechpartner*

I wanted to get the value between Werk and Angebotsabgabetermine ?

Try this @deepa.barode


actually i just want “Mlada Boleslav” not werk

Try this @deepa.barode

(?<=Werk: ).*(?=\n)

If you want the second word ** Angebotsabgabetermin* to be a part of regex, then you can use this also :slight_smile: @deepa.barode

(?<=Werk: ).*(?=\nAngebotsabgabetermin)

Thanks @HareeshMR it i want the date so i tried this
(?<=Angebotsabgabetermin (YYYY-MM-DD): ).*(?=10:00 GMT)
but it is not working

You can use this to get the entire date from the string


Or if you want only text and 10:00 is constant, then you can use

(\d.+)(.*)(?= 10:00)

no 10:00 is not constant and there are many more date in the text so i need to be More specific that is should start from " **Angebotsabgabetermin (YYYY-MM-DD)*"

Try this @deepa.barode

(?<= (YYYY-MM-DD): )(.*)(>?)

But it will give you entire thing. It is not recognizing spaces :slight_smile:. You can split it using string manipulations

Unfortunately,this not working for me

Ohh, sorry that was FORUM auto correction for back slash

(?<= \(YYYY-MM-DD\): )(.*)(>?)

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