Regex patterns

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I have a scenario where I need to check the Assets and Rate columns are present in my pdf documnet if yes then I need to extract the data from assets to Total Asset Based Fees: then I need to extract all the values present ex:-plan number,plan name,assest,rate and due can anyone help me how can I do this.
Asset Based Fees
Plan Amount
Number Plan Name Assets Rate Due
470131 BETHANY 403(B) RETIREMENT PLAN $0.00 0.0125% $28.43
470521 BEAVER STREET BAPTIST CHURCH 403(B) $0.00 0.0125% $21.91
470541 GOLDEN ISLES CONVENTION AND $0.00 0.0125% $4.03
Total Asset Based Fees:

Try to use data table conversion, Instead of using Regex.

the thing is I dont know in pdf documnet where I will be getting this pattern

@Gayathri_Mk i’m guessing you are using read PDF as the activity and the output is the one you have attached above, my question is: have you tried to put this output to the notepad++, turn on “Show all character” and then you could attach this as the screen shot, i feel we can use RegEx or split text into different values but have to see what is excatly in the output.

Hello @Gayathri_Mk, from my perspective, the most difficult part should be building the RegEx pattern that will select the desired text. After that you can use the output variable and use it in the “IF” condition like this “RegExOutputVariable > 0” so the workflow can perform different actions either it selects something or not.

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Try splitting with the above value to find the rows uou need

Once you have the rows then you can use regex to extract



Str.Split({Environment.Newline},Stringsplitoptions.RemoveEmptyEntries) will give you the array of rows split on new line