Regex output to be compared with string variable

Hi , i am using Regex for extracting data highlighted below:
Invoice Process Submitted also
Invoice Process Accepted also
Invoice Process Failed also

After this I need to compare the output of regex with variable which contains value “Accepted”. But if I am using If condition within for each loop as below:

It is always going in else part and not giving the success message. Please help me on this how can I achieve the success message after comparing regex output with variable.

What is the variable type u provide for for each loop item variable @Purvai_Marwaha ?

its object .


change typeArgument to Match

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not working after change

please share details with us on what is not working and on the implementation done before the for each (e.g. by screenshot) thanks

these are the screenshots

  1. I am trying to extract the mentioned thing in my above comment
  2. After that in If condition trying to check whether output from regex is “Accepted”
  3. Expected output should be “this is success”. But it is always going in “this is not success”

can you check if maybe blanks are inserting a confusion. let it run with


It worked , thanks a lot

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