Regex or better logic need to get particular data from string

Hi Friends,
I need to extract some project id from file name in below string.
for 1 file we received 3 different filenames as mentioned below,

input: 913202211932.BGPLPS1549281825_Final_EWS
output : BGPLPS1549281825

Input: BGPLPS1546274078MCLite
OutPut : BGPLPS1546274078

input : 522022103259.BGE_IC_Worksheet_Retrofit_Lighting__Site_H0533
Output :522022103259


Same question

A suboptimal approach, but can work as interim solution


System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches(strText, strPattern).Cast(of Match).Last().Value

Hi @Vicky_K

You can use the below regular expressions to extract the required output.


The above Regular expressions will extract the required data if the name of the file is any of three.

Hope it helps!!