RegEx Matches returns empty IENumerator

Hey there,

i am data scraping text from a pdf-File and try to get matches with regex. When testing the exact same string in the regexbuilder, there are matches. But when running the xaml in debug, the output of the matches activity is empty. Do you have any Idea what the problem is?

Here is a reproduction of my error:
samplefile1.pdf (3.0 KB)
ExampleMatches.xaml (6.8 KB)

Appreciating your help.

Found the Problem:

When testing with the String, I thought that the \n\r characters will be visible and I used “\\n\\r” to match them with my regex-pattern. But in the actual debug run, they are invisible, meaning I need to use “\n\r” to match them. That was the reason why regex returned an empty IENumerable.


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