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Hi Guys need Help , I have “.text” file and I need it to be extracted to UI path data table and columns should be follows;


The columns need to be extract are “Txn Date” , “Credit” ,“Balance” , “Cheque No” , Transaction Type" and “Description” only.

Also I don’t want to be extracted the row which contains ‘992,710.90’ to the table and its there’s a row like that it should be removed.

Hope you can understand my problem and your kind attention on this matter is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Sample files
Fullstatement_202201131358.txt (4.6 KB)

assumption: Text file is filtered to only the data block data (Regex, LINQ, … approaches)

DataBlock parsing: we can handle with different approaches (a few of many)

  • regex pattern on the different column patterns

  • multistep replacements of many spaces to |

    then we do on next step:

    and do have a string which can be handled as CSV data

  • Positional parsing offered by the generate datatable activity

Hi @Duleepa_Krishan,

Try Generate data table activity
Using split get the table structure alone as string and try Generate Data Table activity refer below image

Having multiple options also If the column size is fixed then try the same in Generate data table we have the options.


Thanks @ppr ! , can you write down me a xaml form me ? , thanks a lot!

Thanks @arivu96 , I tried with your suggestion but I don’t knw the way of split header area of the txt file before input to “Generate data table activity” .

Hi @Duleepa_Krishan ,

Please see the attached workflow. it’s not the best solution and not exactly completed yet but you should be able to manipulate the data more easily,

Alternatively, you can use invoke code to remove the first few lines from the txt file to get faster result

Hope that helps

Duleepa.xaml (11.8 KB)

First step: Extract DataBlock


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