Regex is not displaying message box

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Am using regex to find out the aadhar number, th regex is working fine outside but wheaadhar%20regex n i use message b or write line it is not displaying anything. Please let me know what should i add.

below is the screenshot

If it’s working fine without giving out any error kindly check once in the output panel for the output
Or it that doesn’t show any value then ensure that the matches expression is correct
May I know the expression and input passed
Cheers @Dimple

@Palaniyappan. Thanks for quick response.
In output panel it is not showing the result.
pattern - “^\d{4}\s\d{4}\s\d{4}$”
input is I have passed text ,where text is i have passed aadhar image only text should display and that part is working fine

Kindly try with this expression “\d{4}\s\d{4}\s\d{4}”

Cheers @Dimple

if i use that expression in for each it is showing error like For Each: Unable to cast object of type ‘System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match’ to type ‘System.String’.

Check once in the type argument property in for each loop whether it is set to

Cheers @Dimple

@Palaniyappan, thanks it worked

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Cheers @Dimple

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