Regex implementation

input lines are
LAYCAN - 09/24/2019 – 09/26/2019 output - 09/24/2019 and 09/26/2019
09/24/2019 – 09/26/2019 output - Nothing
LAYCAN - 09/24/2019 output - 09/24/2019

Help me what the regex code should be which will extract dates from only that line which has LAYCAN

Out of these line I only want those dates which have word LAYCAN in the same line

try this regular expression.
(?<=LAYCAN - ).+

StringVar=LAYCAN - 09/24/2019 – 09/26/2019
OutString=System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(StringVar,“(?<=LAYCAN - ).+”).Value

tx . can you plz tell code for following
input string -
200,000 MT Arabian Extra Light

I need to extract the number before MT in a variable

and whatever is after MT in a different cariable


Try this.

Str = "200,000 MT Arabian Extra Light"

Str1 = Str.Split(" "c)(0)

Str2 = Str.Split("MT".ToCharArray)(1)


I want to use regex for this
input string -
Ras Tanura to Singapore = $11.91

I need to extract the number which has $ with it, in this example its 11.91, its not fixed that it will occur in the end, the only thing known is the number to be extracted has $ with it

use regex groups.Regex2.xaml (5.1 KB)