Regex IEnumerable<Match> to String

Having some problems with displaying the expression as text.

I am taking data from a cell in an Excel file and using the match activity to get the ID inside the string.

But when I try to display the ID in the message box it appears


I tried adding the ToString function after.

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As you can see the toString is showing the datatype
You are dealing with a result of Datatype: IEnumerable<Match> comparable to a particular collection of results from a RegEx action. Accessing the result you have to go into the collection and retrieve the different elements from it

yourMatchResultVar.first().ToString e.g. for first match

or iterate over it with a for each. Don not miss out to set the ArgumentType (for the for each activity settings) to System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match


thanks a lot I was getting the same error when I had first tried putting the Message box in a for each. But since I am only expecting the ID once this works great.

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