Regex Ideas?

I have this string in this repeating format:

Remit Vendor Vendor Voucher ID Invoice ID Invoice Dt Bus Unit Entered Dt Origin Operator Entry Status Post Status
0000058195 0000058195 01490976 INV-079037 JV 12/31/2021 100GP 2/4/2022

And I need this phrase: 01490976 (all headers from Remit Vendor to Post Status are on one line - Post Status is the final phrase…

I have this but wanting to avoid then doing a second manipulation with a string split at spaces with an index

(?<=(Post Status)+)+\n+(\d\S+)+(\s\d\S+)+

(?<=Status)(?:(\r?\n)(?:\d+\ ){2})(\d+)

But we would also recommend another technique:

use regex-Replace for setting clear delimiters like |
use both lines within a generate datatable and retrieve the value from resulting datatable


I tried the{2} and didn’t get what I wanted. I will try again. Yes… the idea is to iterate through and add to a dt

No, For 2nd approach

Looking at the header line we do have some more to handle
Looking at the data lines we (e.g. we can skip the first line)

  • we can insert the good meaning delimiters
  • then the data lines will be parsed to the datatable when passed to generate datatable activity