Regex help extract partial file path

Hello I have the below filenames
P:\Finance\JE Upload Testing\3\01-208-210 IC Debt HPS.xlsx
P:\Finance\JE Upload Testing\21\12-214 RBC HPS payment - AI Dec-21.xlsx
P:\Finance\JE Upload Testing\30\10-07 NWA - CIA Group Hours.xlsx
P:\Finance\JE Upload Testing\31\01-03 Erik Payroll Reclass.xlsx
P:\Finance\JE Upload Testing\32\01-01 UA TB 01-22.xlsx

I need to extract from each:
\3\01-208-210 IC Debt HPS.xlsx
\21\12-214 RBC HPS payment - AI Dec-21.xlsx
\30\10-07 NWA - CIA Group Hours.xlsx
\31\01-03 Erik Payroll Reclass.xlsx
\32\01-01 UA TB 01-22.xlsx

I can’t get the expression right, can someone please help?

thanks so much in advance.

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Hey @lynnsong986

Please find the below expression,



@Nithinkrishna thank you so much for your quick response!!

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Cool @lynnsong986 :slightly_smiling_face:



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