Regex for html balise

hello please I need help I want to split this chaine, I want to extract only the url starting from http , below the line that i want to split it :
“<img title=“Voir le document style=“cursor: pointer;” onmouseover=“‘pointer’” onclick=“openDepositPURL(‘’);” src=”/mjrcs/images/v2/icone_pdf.gif”>"

thank you all,

You can extract the data between (’ and ').

start_index = yourstring.IndexOf(“('”)
last_index = yourstring.IndexOf(“')”)

Substring(yourstring, start_index+2, end_index-1)

Karthik Byggari

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Please check the below regex pattern. You can check this on


Thanks a lot but how will I do to extract only the link without parenthèse at the end, thanks