Regex extracting and parsing Date

Any idea with this issue guys ? Thank you
Current progress.
Main.xaml (11.3 KB) project.json (998 Bytes)


 "Filtered Data: −−DATE−−       ECOA   KOB     MEMBER−NO
06/12/20       B      QM      02004946        TEST DATA MORTGAGE                                               TRU
04/22/20       B      BC      2844550        COMPANY XCYS                                                        XPN
                      BC      03575459        CAPITAL ONE                                                       TRU
                      BB      484BB05812      CAPITALTWO                                                        EFX
04/16/20       B      FR      3996926         CRET                                                           XPN
                              181ZB14416      CREDOS                                                           EFX
                      FM      01207005         BANK  R     

If date is empty check for the parent for example the parent date of BANK R , CREDOS IS 04/16/20

Example output

04/22/20  CAPITAL ONE
04/22/20  CAPITALTWO
04/16/20  CRET
04/16/20 CREDOS
04/16/20  BANK  R


How you determine the date 04/22/20 not 06/12/20?


what do you mean?

because the date changes on the nextline already


How we know that that’s a parent record?

If there is a null in date then we need to copy the above row date which is not null

Is that correct?


yes , that is correct , you can check the pattern on the output , sorry for using the work parent

@Srini84 , Have you got the idea now Sir ?


Check as below

image (3.7 KB)

Mark as solution if this helps


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Thank you very much Sir , such a big help.

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