REGEX expressions to Handle Command Responses

AIB Test.xlsx (11.4 KB)
Hi Friends,

I have to run unix commands in Putty.But commands and responses are having wildcards & Dynamic Variables.
we have to use regular expressions only to match commands and compare the pattern of the response.

Replace the wildcard values

% is replaced with \s

  • is replaced with .*
    . is replaced with .

For this Command in the attached Test datasheet

echo Command run on $Server.

The Response


Is converted to this regular expression following the steps above.


And will match the output of the echo command

Command run on RONA.

Note: Attached the spreadsheet which contains two sheets.1)Instances 2)Commands
Value of dynamic variables in Command sheet are mentioned in Instances Sheet.
Dynamic variables are preceded by $ symbol.


@chandini_dudekula First Extract the Server name from (?<*
then use this variable to check echo command output contains "Command run on "+extractedVariable