Regex Expression to find city and zip from address

HI Pratik,
To my surprise, when I run this Program today, it not worked when I visit just Regex expression and just click on Save.

even tried with this input

β€œ213 sdgsdg 235235
324 esegsdg 45435”

does not worked.

Hi @Ritesh_R

If you go into Regex Builder and try to do something or even though if you haven’t done anything and Click on save then the configuration that we have already set outside in the properties panel gets change.

So might some configuartion have got change thats why it is not working now

If you want to try it then again download my solution from here. First kindly look all the properties values Within properties panel. Then Open Regex Builder for that same matches activity and If you want to do changes u can do or just keep it as it is. And then click on Save.

You will see that the RegexOption that was previously set may get change or may be any other configuration internally too.

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Er Pratik Wavhal :robot::man_technologist:t4: :computer:

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@Pratik_Wavhal Thanks, got the properties.

Can you send me few Riddles ? to use regex skills
Thanks in advance

Hi @Ritesh_R

1st of all From the above solutions the one which help you to solve your query/issue

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Below is the thread from which you can learn Regex :-

And if you want to do more then in my solutions you will get many more Regex ques
That you can solve without refering my ans
If you get stuck somewhere then you can refer my ans

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