Regex.Equal Method Usage



I want to check the entered input is INT/STRING using regex…
I am trying to use

Regex.Equals(vInput,"([0-9])*") which is returning FALSE in all the cases…

So can any one help me in it…?


May be you should try IsMatch instead of Equals?


Is Match will only give the matched string from entered total…Ex:Suppose if u enter …

Regex.Matches(“123a”,"[(0-9)]*").value will return “123” instead of checking the entered input…
…Here I want to validate the entering input…


In your case

regex.IsMatch(“123a”,"^[0-9]{3}.*$") -----------> True (First 3 should be integer)

regex.IsMatch(“12aa”,"^[0-9]{3}.*$") -----------> False (First 3 should be integer)

regex.IsMatch(“123a”,"^[0-9].*$") -----------> True (First one should be integer)


What it will return?


regex.IsMatch(“123a”,"^[0-9].*$") -----------> True

regex.IsMatch(“a12a”,"^[0-9].*$") -----------> False

Hope this helps.(Modified regex)


In My case first one should Return “False”


What is your input and Can you explain the logic why it should return false?


Here I want to check all the entered input is String/Int…
So input1: 123a should be FALSE since it is not a Number…
So thats the reason


Oh understood.

Can you try below

strinput= “123a”

bool isNumber = int32.TryParse(strInput,intVariable)

Ans: False

(just create a intVariable, no need to initialize it)


Thanks for the replies @vvaidya and it will work… But I have followed other way of doing to by Taking that input and convert that to Int…if it throws a exception it is not a number else it is a number…it has worked for me…
var = Convert.ToInt32(input)