Regex capture next line after 2nd occurrence


I’m trying to figure out how to capture the 7,106.69 in the below text. The expression needs to go to the next line and capture the last number, I’m thinking the logic should be capturing everything after the second kwh. For now I only have this
(?<=Global Adjustment)\n.*([\d,.]{8,})
which is not flexible as the number can be any number of digits. Thank you so much for your help in advance.

Global Adjustment
81,368.157 kWh at $0.08734 per kWh 7,106.69

have a check on following:
(?<=Global Adjustment)(?:\r?\n.*)([\d,.]{8,})

we do use \r? for optional handling the windows specific line breaks

Optional we cam also for to line end with:
(?<=Global Adjustment)(?:\r?\n.*)([\d,.]{8,})$
(?<=Global Adjustment)(?:\r?\n.* )([\d,.]+)$

Thank you so much again! I feel embarrassed to constantly post these regex questions, please bear with me as I just started to use it recently. I do have one more question as to the {8,}, how can I modify this part to capture any number in various digit at the end? oh NVM, just saw the solution at the bottom!! ppr you are the best!!

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