Regex capture a word blow a specific word / regex next line

I am trying to capture a word below a specific word, in this case i’m trying to capture a word below Billed in the next line.

Billed To Date of Issue Invoice Number Amount Due (INR)
Rahul Jignesh. 22/04/2020 873100. Rs.89,600.00
Due Date

I tried this expression: (?<=Billed\s)(|\n)([^.]+) it doesn’t give me what i need. i want to capture only the name Rahul Jignesh which is dynamic.

My output:

Hey @Khehla_Malakoane

Try this pattern:


Hopefully this helps :blush:

You look like you know your way around Regex (and anchors) - but just in case here is a link to my Regex Megapost :slight_smile:


@Steven_McKeering worked perfectly. thank you :ok_hand:

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