RegEx Based Extractor with Multiple Matches

Hi UiPath community,

I would like to ask if it is possible for me to extract multiple matches (using RegEx based Extractor) into only one field? Because some of my documents have multiple field for similar RegEx pattern (while the others have one field).

Thanks. Regards.

give a try on

  • setting the field type multi value setting to true
  • provide a regex pattern covering the field extraction

HI @azeem_rosli

Check the regex option “Multiline”


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Thanks @ppr & @Sudharsan_AIT, it’s working. Just update the field in the taxonomy as ‘Is multi-value’ and include ‘Multiline’ in the Regex Options.

Another question, if the Regex Options is set to ‘Singleline’ or not set to any of both, the match will always be one?

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