Regex Based Extractor - Table


How to extract the table using Regex Based Extractor? I tried below but nothing return

Invoices_eng_OCR_Doc1.pdf (90.4 KB)

Thank you

Did you get a reply to this question?

no one reply on this…

Try resubmitting and I will say I have the same problem and see if we can get soemone from UiPath to respond.

I am interested in exactly the same issue. The Forms based extractor does not appear to work on anything but the simplest tables, so you need to use Regex, but I also cannot get this to work. The simplest Support solution would be to do a short video tutorial on entering the table part of the Regex extractor. At the moment I am solving this problem by dropping out of UiPath reading the pdf into Adobe and exporting it as either an HTML or Excel file. Both work fine. However its a fix rather than an elegant solution.

Yes, i can extract the table use read Full text from PDF, but fail in DU. We would like to use the DU validation as well, hope they can fix the issue.