Regex based extractor Configuration input field error


I’ve been trying to build a document understanding framework using regex for invoices. For each supplier I add a new document type. Now I got 19 supplier with all the regex expressions in place.

When I try to add a new supplier, the error icon pops up on the Configuration field in de input properties.
I can’t see what the exact error is because the string in de Configuration field is very long.

Is there a limit in how long the Configuration property can be and so is there a limit how many document types you can add?

I tried to debug so that I was able to export the output and in the txt file I see ‘Line is too long’. But I’m not sure if the output error is to long to mention, or that ‘Line is too long’ is exactly the error.


Thank you for your help!

Kind regards,
Ruben Dekkers

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Hello @rubendekkers,

Welcome to our community, first of all :slight_smile:

Can you please somehow share with me at least prinstcreens of the configuration wizard for the Regex based Extractor? I would like to be able to reproduce it, and not being able to see the entire configuration makes me try to do it by hand…


Hi @Ioana_Gligan,


In this regex based extractor I have built formulas for the invoices from 15 suppliers.

When I try to add another supplier, I get the error I’ve shown before…


Thank you Ruben
Please delete the printscreen now :slight_smile: I downloaded it - it might contain confidential information :slight_smile:

Hi Ioana,
These were fictive suppliers that I made to practice but it’s the same issue that I’m facing at my client so it’s ok :slight_smile:

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As a temporary work around, please try to configure new expressions in another instance of the Regex Based Classifier. This means,

  • add 2+ extractors of the same type in the Data Extraction Scope
  • activate them let’s say each for 10 doc types , with their own expressions etc
  • configure them accordingly - configure in the regex wizard expressions for the first 10 doc types, in the second extractor for the next 10 doc types etc.

This would allow you to define as many as you want IF the issue is one of max size reached.

We are investigating and trying to repro on our end - but until then you can try this trick.

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Hi @Ioana_Gligan,

That worked! Thanks.

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