Regex and String have no match

Hello people,

I have a string from a mail
“Optima BioGas Float”

The goal is to match the string from the mail with the string from Excel…

For this I use IF StringMail=StringExcel

If I output both I have the following strings:
Excel: Optima BioGas Float
Mail: Optima BioGas Float

but if I click in the output on the field Mail… after string is a " Optima BioGas Float\r" see secondscreen… what’s with the “\r” after my string?

can someone help me please?
greetings Christoph


@bertc - If this connects with your previous post…please adjust the pattern as shown below…

or If you are using the \s? in the brackets…then please use…

YourRegexvar(0).value.tostring.trim → this will remove the leading and trailing spaces…

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thank you thank you !!!

With YourRegexvar(0).value.tostring.trim it worked!

You have saved me trouble haha^^

Have a nice evening, good night

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