RegeEX how to avoid a word

I am trying to use regular expression match.
Account Number/Contract Number/Customer Number/Number.
I am trying to avoid Invoice Number.
The following is not helping to avoid Invoice Number. Can you help?

(?<=Contract No.: |Account #: |Account Number:?|(?! Invoice) Number:)\s?[A-Za-z0-9-.]+[\d-.,]+(?=(.*\n)?)

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Please share the text and also highlight the part that you want to extract

By using the following in my regex I am trying to avoid Invoice Number: 12345
(?!Invoice) Number:

(?<=Contract No.: |Account #: |Account Number:?|(?!Invoice) Number:)\s?[A-Za-z0-9-.]+[\d-.,]+(?=(.*\n)?)

It is still matching “Invoice Number: 12345”

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Hi, The following is matching

((?i)(?<=Contract No.: |Account #: |Acct\s?#|Acct: |Account:|(ACCT NO.)|Account No.|ACCOUNT NUMBER(:)?)|((?<!Invoice\s)Number:))\s?[A-Za-z0-9-.]+[\d-.,]+(?=(.*\n)?)

Account Number: 123456

giving me “Number: 123456”

How to not match Number: in the above?
That is I need to get only “123456”

Thank you so much.


Try this:
((?i)(?<=Contract No.: |Account #: |Acct\s?#|Acct: |Account:|(ACCT NO.)|Account No.|ACCOUNT NUMBER(:)?)|((?<!Invoice\sNumber:)))\s?[A-Za-z0-9-.]+[\d-.,]+(?=(.*\n)?)




How about the following pattern?



Hi @A_Learner

Please try this

(?<=Contract No.: |Account #: |Account Number:?|(?<!\bInvoice )Number:)\s?[A-Za-z0-9-.]+[\d-.,]+(?=(.*\n)?)

I hope it helps!!

This Regex is nicely organized without repetition. It is fetching No. also from the following data. Can this be fixed? Thanks a lot,

Account No.1234-5678901234

This is working good. Thanks! I am trying to pick the other solution because it looks simpler. Thanks a lot!

Slightly modified to cover all key words and it is not fully applicable.
(?i)(?<=Contract No.: |Account\s?#?:? |Account Number:?|Account No.|Acct:?\s?(NO.)?|(?<!\bInvoice )Number:)\s?[A-Za-z0-9-.]+[\d-.,]+(?=(.*\n)?)

  1. Getting “No.” also from data
    Account No.1234-5678901234
  2. Not capturing
    Power Acct: 111-0652.000 1234
  3. Not capturing the following for some reason
    Account Number 1234567890

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Thank you @Steven_McKeering


If the numeber always starts with numeric character, the following will work. Can you try this?



Hi @A_Learner

Trying to simplify your pattern. Please give this a try:


If you need to add additional words for example “Bill”. Then simply add “|Bill” in the first set of brackets (see the bolded text)

Please Note:
The invoice number must 5 or more digits in length to match. This can be increased/decreased by adjusting the 5 at the end.

Preview the regex pattern here



Thank you, it does not cover alphabetic.
For example A124-56-89N
Appreciate the nicely organized regex.

Thank you! It does not always start with a digit.
For example A124-56-89N


Slightly modified to fit my requirement. Thank you.


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