Regarding UiPath Review Gift Card

@Dana_Mustatea @loginerror I have forwarded review approval mail from Gartner but till now I didn’t get reply.

could you please look into the mail.


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@UiPathMaster @Dana_Mustatea

Hi there, can you please re-send the email in order to check what happens? Thanks!


Forwarded the mail just now . Please check .


I’ve just saw your emails, all off them went in spam. You and your colleagues as well, I’ve already mentioned that to them. I’m now taking care and issue the gift cards. Thanks!

@Dana_Mustatea @loginerror Hi even I am waiting for the same since long. I too have forwarded the mails multiple times. I think UiPath RPA cam resolve issues :relaxed::relaxed::blush::blush:

@Dana_Mustatea @loginerror Can I get the answer ??

Please re-send me the email now, I can not identify it. Thank you!


I have sent just now …


@Dana_Mustatea @loginerror I forwarded my mail more than 10 times I think. Even sent personal mail too but till now neither I got your reply nor the gift card. The negative part is the approval mail were fallen in spam so I missed in forwarding on time. My mail id is .

Just issued you the gift card! All of your emails went in spam, sorry for the delay.

Thanks Dana

Does it mean that mail from my colleagues are also fallen in your spam ??

Request you to put UiPath to track mail with such subject. Hope it will be a good solution.


@Dana_Mustatea Please check mail from my mail id too I have forwarded the approval mail many times.

@Dana_Mustatea @loginerror Can I expect reply from you ??