Regarding UIPATH Integration with FTP Server

Hi Team,
Can you please give the clarity about the below query:

Is it possible to integrate the UIPATH with FTP Server?

if yes pls give me idea how to integrate…

Yes it is,

Intsall UiPath.FTP.Activities packages in the manage packages you have in the ribbon. Then you will get ftp activities :slight_smile:

thanku Hareesh for your response…
Here i have one more query that actually we are doing one POC which is HR recruitment process.
While reading the profiles in HR job portal,at a time only profile can read and search the profile with the given key words. but here we are expecting multiple profiles need to read by Uipath tool at a time.For that we applied looping concept but it didn’t work.
Please advice me in any other way…

You can retrieve multiple profiles using data scraping we have in Uipath @kiranbandi

Have you tried that? We have lot of tutorials and videos available for that. please check so that it will be easy to finish the task for you

pls provide me those videos…

Here you have data scraping from linked in, hoping this video will help you as your system will also be the same (Assuming :smile:) @kiranbandi

Hi Kiran,

Try with parallel activiy.perform n no of activities at a time