Regarding UIPath Certification

The UIPath Certification which is free till APRIL30, Does it have a link? Because when I go to the certification page i see a pop up where i have to click and then it takes me to that particular page.
Is there any direct link?

My issue
I was trying to give the practical part of certification exam. I click on start and it popped up the question . Then my system got hanged so i had to restart. I didnt go to that page again. i thought of completing my test and then to go and submit. Once i finished and tried to go to that page , I no longer see the pop up. Then how do i submit?

Can the page be revisited once we leave the page where we submit the automation?
Can i zip my assignment from my windows 10 pc and send it to my mac laptop, Download the folder and upload it in test?

Thanks is the link to OLD certification site.