Regarding the issue of "UiPath Assistant" runtime

I would like to know what impact it would have if UiPath Assistant keeps running for several hours or even days?

Hi @shenyu

Running UiPath Assistant for an extended period can consume system resources, such as CPU and memory. This might slow down other tasks or applications running on the same machine, potentially affecting overall system performance. You should ensure that the machine running UiPath Assistant has sufficient resources to handle the automation tasks without causing issues.


I see that the memory and disk usage of Assistant is not very high, so it shouldn’t have much impact.

Yes, There will no impact as the usage is very less from UiPath End

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@shenyu UiPath assitant is an On Startup app which launches in backround as soon as the machine is active. It will be in idle mode untill you run any process. So whenever it remain as idle, it will not create any impact but while running any automation process @vinitha_yachamaneni is right.

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