Regarding read mail current time stamp - 30 minutes


I need to read mail current time stamp - 30 minutes . please help me out to do the same.

HI @kiranh

Buddy kindly correct me if i have understood your query wrongly

  1. Hope you are trying to read mail, for that you can use any mail activities like get outlook mail activity or get exchange mail activity or any mail activity that you have access to . With that you can read the mail from your inbox…

  2. Kindly elaborate the statement mail current timestamp - 30 minutes.


I am able to read mail using get outlook mail activity . Need read those mail using filter Current timestamp -30 minutes qq

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hi @kiranh

Kindly use filter like this you would get this resolved buddy…
Filter is
“[ReceivedTime] <= Now.Minutes(-30)”

Kind suggestion is keep in mind that onlyunreadmessages property…enabled…if it is…keep some mails unread to fetch them… else no problem…

Hope this would help you

used the both your command and below i am getting the can not parse the condition error.
“[ReceivedTime] >= " + Now.AddDays(-1).ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm tt”) +”"