Regarding RE Framework exercise


Hi All,

I have attend the RPA Level certification practical exam, I have attached the question and RE Framework project which I have developed for that exam.

Kindly verify whatever I have done it is correct or not.


Hi Bala,
Please delete the attached files and please ask the question regarding issues you are facing while developing the framework.

By submitting the project, if everything is fine you will be passed else you get the evaluation comments. Based on the comments fix the workflow and re-submit.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi @Bala_Murugan_Kothand,
As @KarthikByggari said. The quality of help is based on your information about the error. Please give us some screens what have you checked, if debug was showing something etc. Forum is a place where you can find answer but nobody will dig through whole process to check what is going on, you need to help us to find it out. Second thing please don’t share the whole project related to Academy courses as somebody elso who is working on same training can have something solved based on your files. It’s about to learn something than base on someone else’s project :wink:


Ok,I’ll not do in future.


Sorry to reply in different thread,I am struck at first assignment of RE Framework.

I have uploaded the code, as Academy says it takes couple of minutes to grade the code.But even after 60 hours of uploading, my code is not been graded.

Since I am using community edition, I don’t expect Uipath support team to respond to my tickets.

Please help me to resolve this issue ASAP.

Dasharath ND