Regarding Product Returning Process Automation

Hey guys… M planning to automate product returning process . Customer is returning a product bcoz that product may not meet his expectations or it bcoz of fault in product…
Can any1 suggest me how my flow should be??? How should i automate that process Suggestions please…

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Hi @jyoti

So to tell more on the process, can you tell us how this process gets the inputs? I mean, how do your customer inform you about the products they are returning? Is it by email? or by any other system or media?

next, tell me, what you do once the returning request is received to you. You are probably going through a series of steps and entering the data into a particular system to go ahead with the returning… Can you explain that part as well?

This will help in understanding how the flow should be designed and developed

Make sense?

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hello sir… m getting data in excel. In it there is detail information of the product n that customer to whom we have sent that particular product


Alright, so after receiving the excel file, how does the process go?

Do you read the data in the excel file and enter it into some application? or is there any checks that happen in the middle before the data is entered?

And after the data is entered, what should happen? - is this part included in the automation requirement?

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After getting this data we have to check weather it fits in return policy or not… if it is then we will send mail to customer that their product can be accepted n its amount will be refund into their account

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okay… So if we take one excel file, that will be from one particular customer, and if they have multiple items they are returning, all that info will be available in the same excel file correct?

Or, for that customer, do you get multiple excel files for each items they are returning?

For example, Say I’m your customer… I have two laptops to return to you…

So I will be sending one excel file with the info of the both laptops? or will I be sending two excel files for the two laptops?

I’m just trying to understand the scenario so I can give you the best approach possible…

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Sir take an example of amazon… suppose i have ordered one dress but its not meeting my requirements… n if i sent return request… I immediately get message or mail from amazon that we have received your request n will process on it… M not getting how to send mail to customer soon after his return request

we r not directly dealing with customers… We r working for perticular company which delivers products to customers . Customers will send return request to that company… n that company will send us excel containing information regarding customer n product

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We get multiple customers data in single excel… suppose 10 customers have bought that product n 4 of them have returned… so we will get data of those 4 customers n we have to check weather those can accepted or not , payment will be refunded to them or not…

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Cool… so there also can be scenarios where one customer is returning more than one product too right?

I think the best approach for this scenario would be to use the REFramework if possible.

So first you got to get all the excel files in the folder

The loop through the file list and get the data of each file

Next, loop through data, and go through the business logics you need to check and enter the data into applications.

Next move to the next excel file…

I think REFramework is the best approach for this project

Will try sir… Thank u

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Sure… No worries :slight_smile: