Regarding Orchestrator

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I’m gonna install orchestrator @server - my company’s network. And developing the process @client’s network. So after deployment the nuget package will be transferred to my company’s network, where orchestrator is deployed so is it possible to run the BOT outside of their network? Or we have to work in their environment only ?

What license does your customer purchased?

Hey @hemal

As you know, Orchestrator is the centralized controller for all the robots. So as long as the computer that has the robot service installed can see and connect with the Orchestrator machine, it can be run. It really doesn’t need to be inside that same network as I know.

Thank u @Lahiru.Fernando

I’m thinking the same as it’s web url but we need to install it right? Where SQL is installed. So if I’m going to execute there also then don’t u think we require sql to be installed over there


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Hey @hemal

I would suggest you to install sql server in the same network where orchestrator web application is installed. It doesn’t need to be in the same server. It can be in different servers. But would be better to have in the same network. I’m not that much of a network guy… in networks you have these sub networks etc. I’m referring to the highlevel network here :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @Lahiru.Fernando :slight_smile:
I think uipath has just announced cloud based orchestrator. Do u have any idea how much it’s feasible to use ? As it would be public. So regarding it we don’t need to install sql or msi package etc.

Yeah… it is a feasible option too… Check the pricing of the cloud based and the on-prem versions. and if the company is fine to get the data onto cloud and if they are fine with the budget, it should be a feasible option too